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Health is more than just Physical Activity. Kaido reflects this: Taking your employees on a 60 day journey, exploring their Physical Activity, Nutrition, Sleep and Mental Health. There really is something for everyone.

A Holistic Health and Wellbeing Programme

Themed 60 Day Health & Wellbeing challenges create a healthy sense of competition. Kaido is accessible to all, regardless of health status, location, or the need for modern technology. 96% of participants would recommend a Kaido Challenge to their colleagues.

Engage employees right across your business


Until the start of the Next Kaido Challenge

Kaido connects with the apps and wearables your employees already use and love. Data is shared securely to monitor progress and personalise the challenge experience. 

Don't use Health apps? No problem, manual activity, nutrition, sleep and mindfulness tracking is available inside the portal. 

Integrate with the technologies they already use

With real time analytics and advanced reporting, Kaido helps you to better understand the needs of your workforce. Build your own wellbeing programme, with bespoke challenges, features, white-label options and more. 

Show them you care

"Kaido has done me the world of good. I suffer with Depression and Anxiety and the Headspace meditation has improved my life incredibly. Well done Kaido. You're amazing!"

NHS Employee


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