Build teams that have great culture... ...wherever they are.

Kaido is the leading culture platform for modern teams. Remote, hybrid or in person.

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Sad face Before Kaido: People feel disconnected and siloed. Morale and motivation is low. Teams are missing their spark.
Happy face After Kaido: People are aligned and motivated. There's fun and positive energy. Relationships are growing. Teams are thriving.

Trusted by 1,000s of teams around the world

Kaido breaks down the barriers to meaningful connection! It helps you build a sense of togetherness β€” a fun & inclusive team culture that empowers your people to thrive!


Low effort, inclusive activities that bring your team together around meaningful topics.

Launch meaningful Shared Experiences focused on wellbeing, sustainability, diversity & inclusion and more. Perfect for remote, hybrid or office-based teams.

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Kaido Experiences support:

🌿 Wellbeing
♻️ Sustainability
πŸ‘‹πŸ½ Team Onboarding
🌍 Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity
πŸ‘© Menopause

Team Tools.

Create shared understanding and memories.

Use WorkLifeβ„’ Profiles, "Team DNA" and "Team Timeline" to create shared a understanding and an empathetic environment. Break down the barriers to doing efficient and effective work together.

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Culture Academy.

Spread team culture from within.

Empower your team to build a great place to work with the Kaido Culture Academy. Our 90-day course will build culture experts that create a team environment everyone can thrive in.

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Make Culture your Competitive Advantage

Increase Employee Engagement

Kaido increases interaction and communication between teams, builds psychological safety and promotes diversity and inclusion.

Boost Performance & Productivity

Happy, healthy, engaged teams are more creative, 31% more productive and generate 37% more sales for the business.

Improve Employee Retention

Create an environment that people want to be part of, boosting retention and making your business a more attractive place to work.

The Kaido Framework

The Science Behind
Team Culture

Thriving teams = Shared Understanding + Psychological Safety + Deep Sense of Purpose

Team members make
their best efforts.
Team members contribute
their best ideas.
Teams attract the
best people to join.
Teams thrive!
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